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January 13, 2010
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Apple Thief by DeBratski Apple Thief by DeBratski
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#alwaysmotivated Submission - Official - Unthemed

This is a bit of a warped take on The Firebird fairy tale. In my version, poor old Ivan gets a bit more than just a sodding tail feather from the 'bird', when he catches her stealing the golden apples. Go Ivan, Go!!! :P

I am planning on colouring it at some stage. When I'm not being lazy.

Any constructive criticism would be much appreciated, especially any tips on layout and technique.
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satsukiangel Feb 11, 2010  Student General Artist
The concept and general idea of the drawing is nice. Also, the work with pencil. However, ifyou had done this with ink it would have been really nice. Anyway, there are soe proportions on the body that aren't well. Just practise on that. I also believe there should be more shadowing on the leaves.
jodipheonix Feb 9, 2010   General Artist
this is a beautiful lineart :D

I tried to download it , but said it had errors :(

I am also wondering if I may colour this please ?
it is most tempting :eager:
hi there, yeah by all means, colour it if you wish (i sure as hell am not having much success - haven't used Photoshop in over 7 years lol) . I think the error may have been 'cos I had disabled downloads on this one, but let me know if you want access and i'll enable it again.
jodipheonix Feb 10, 2010   General Artist
thank you so much! :D

it was a weird error, firefox didn't like it..
so I copied your link to explorer and it worked :shrug:
weirdness of computers hehe

I shall let you know when I've finished her , thank you again! :heart:
no dramas at all! hope your coloured version turns out better than my rather sad attempt (i'm almost done but my GOD it looks bloody awful! LOL)
jodipheonix Feb 10, 2010   General Artist
:lmao: I'll try not to let you down :XD:
curious to see your finished product though :)
yeah.. if nothing else, my "finished product" will be amusing! LOL i'm struggling to even turn the pencil into a clean bit of lineart to be honest *facepalm*
jodipheonix Feb 11, 2010   General Artist
:giggle: I'm sure you're just pulling my leg ;p
though , I know how it is to get out of practice
and I really hope that when I'm finished with her
that I won't let you down because this really is
a beautiful sketch :)

LOL .. doesn't matter really if you clean it up a
bit or not , depending on which parts you're really
referring to , it could be substituted as a texture
to make it look a little more full instead of empty
and bland :D
Charmed-Ravenclaw Jan 16, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't really think it needs any criticism at all it's fine lineart.
i love the self assuredness and casual disregard for consequences of any kind seen in her stance. This apple thief looks to have zero time or desire for the romance of life, while being driven by how she can profit. A Mistress With all of the means to take and be enriched by all the golden apples she can get her hands on. i am not so sure that were i Ivan, or anybody else for that matter, that caching even a whole hand of tailfeathers from this bewitching Beauty would at all mean that one had a bird in the hand. i can hear her just now, as she playfully tosses the apple in the air, chant again and again, " Watch the pretty bird, watch the pretty pomme ..." and then when you look again, she and the fabulous fruit have taken flight and are gone and you will have not even a part of her plume or the pomme but merely a note saying so sodding sorry.
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